Second Hand Parts Update

Just a small selection of some of rare used parts we have taken into Stock


Bulls Eye Head Light Glasses (pair)

Burgess Air Cleaner

Carburettor, Dynamo Starter Motor

Manifolds, Water Uptake, Exhaust & Inlet


Wheel Cylinder, Shock absorbers and other suspension parts.

Column Change Parts

Gear box parts and gears

Speedo & Tri gauge Instruments

Reconditioned Engine



Factory Rebuilt MOD 2000 Engine Un used

Over Drive Gear Box

Wheel Cylinders

Engine parts, Pistons, crank shaft, rocker shaft

Cats Eye Head Light Glasses

Speedo and Tri Gauge Instruments


Both Models

Rear Number plate box

Headlights and reflectors

Side lights

Steering wheel

Centre Horn Boss


Many Chrome parts and many other odds and ends

Please email or Call for further details

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